NCC gave a directive that the status quo should be maintained as it was on December 7, 2017 and a forensic audit carried out and thereafter further right decisions will be made, till date, what we have seen is the COSON house being locked and all we hear is that “NCC cannot decide the Chairman of COSON “; we think that is missing the point and what is being said. 

Why do we like to fan out smoke and not look at substance?  It’s a simple matter really, way before this chairmanship issue, COSON knows that a lot of artistes and managers, especially those of the younger generation are wary of COSON.  They complain severally of non-payment and irregular communication, this is saddening, when you also consider that most have made efforts to get to COSON and not gotten a favourable feedback.

Most artiste and managers would love to see a forensic audit carried out at COSON,  an audit that will tell in the last 5 years how much has come in and how much has gone out,  has COSON stayed within the 30% limit stipulated by law?  What are the log details used? How do we determine what any artiste gets without proper log details?  Do we get these details from the radio station?  This isn’t a witch hunt, it’s a way to restore confidence in COSON for the artistes who own the rights to the songs, on whose behalf COSON collects royalty. Trust has been broken, whether knowingly or unknowingly, either due to a real reason or a perceived one, trust has been broken. How do we restore this trust? 

It is not about “fighting for Chairmanship”,  let the courts interpret that,  but for anyone to say the regulator that has the right to withdraw your license (if there is an infraction) cannot call for an audit,  we think that is a case of dancing naked in the market square. They are the regulators, they can call for an audit to determine if you are within best business practice.  We encourage we all allow them to do this audit and help restore confidence back in COSON so we can move forward. It is even a great move for COSON itself!  If everything is found to be well, would that not say volume of the competence of the leadership under which such good records was achieved?  What exactly are we afraid of?  Why are we against a forensic audit?


Since December 7, 2017, when it became apparent for all to see that there is fire on the COSON Mountain, we as an association have made concerted efforts to gather the facts and not pay attention to any mud being slung.

Despite the fact that Mr. Efe Omorogbe is not only a bonifide member, but a founding member of our association, we decided to adhere to the principles of “Audi Alterem Partem” (let the other side be heard as well) and give both sides a chance to present the facts as they see it. 

We had a meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2018 with Chief Tony Okoroji and his team comprising of Mrs. Azizat Allen,  Mr.  Tony Allen,  the MD of COSON,  Mr.  Chinedu Chukwuji,  the COSON consultant from Edo state and Mr. Tolu,  an employee of COSON, while AMAMN was represented by the President,  ‘Sijuade Adedokun,  the PRO Godwin Raphani Omadibi,  Ayodeji Alawemo (member, AMAMN), Mr. Lanre Lawal (member, AMAMN), Benjamin Omesiete (member, AMAMN) and Mr. Dehinde Fajana (member, AMAMN).  The following Tuesday,  February 20, 2018, AMAMN met with Mr. Efe Omorogbe and Mr. Joel Ajayi and was represented by the President,  the PRO,  Mr. Michael Odiong (member, AMAMN), Mr. Chinedu Adigwe (member, AMAMN), Benjamin Omesiete (member, AMAMN) and Mr. Lanre Lawal (member, AMAMN). Both meetings were  held at Radisson Blu hotel,  Ikeja and were STRICTLY fact finding meetings. They both gave us their narrative and we are presently engaged in the course of cross checking the facts received. 
However, of particular concern, was the role and seemingly silence of the regulatory body, Nigerian Copyrights Commission (NCC) in this matter. The regulator has finally spoken and we are grateful.  We implore ALL parties to please adhere to the ruling of the NCC and allow the proposed probe and forensic audit that the NCC has asked to be carried out.

As a body, we have resolved to follow this situation to a legal and logical conclusion and ask all artiste managers, to join in this agitation. We don’t get paid if our clients don’t get paid, let us therefore secure the rights and livelihood of our clients. WE ARE ALL AFFECTED,  big or small,  known or unknown,  international or local,  our rights MUST be protected. We MUST all be involved and make COSON work.

God bless AMAMN, God bless COSON, God bless the NCC and God bless Nigeria.

DOPENESS!!! DJ BOBBI & KRIZBEATZ: "KINGIN" ft Oladips, Ceeboi, Kymo, Zlatan & Drayapapy

Nigerian International Disc jockey, VDJ BOBBI AND trend setting producer, KRIZBEATZ presents Nigeria's hardest hip hop song of 2017, "KINGIN", featuring NEW SKOOL rap frontliners OLADIPS, CEEBOI, DRAYPAPY, ZLATAN and a super hook from KYMO.

KINGIN" is straight fire.

                      Listen to it here                                                Watch the video


Also, you can follow the artistes on @vdjbobbi @krizbeatz_ @ceeboiofficial @zlatan_ibile @draypapy @kymo_kingin @oladipsoflife @streetslegend


The Association of Music Managers Artistes of Nigeria (AMAMN) took their media tour to Rainbow 94.1 Fm, Wednesday, November 1, 2017, saw them visit the station on a courtesy visit.
The AMAMN delegation was received by the Managing Director of Rainbow 94.1Mr. Kehinde Johnson Ajewole, who pledged the station’s support in helping to restructure, uphold and preach the positive impact of the association, its aims and objectives. Thereafter, the excos and members were guests with the versatile presenter Temi “TQuest” Sholeye on his Celebrity Wednesday show. While interviewing the members, with celebrity guest Jhybo present in the studio, he asked to have an artiste manager’s view on a number of issues such as song censorship, managing a difficult client, maintaining the image and integrity of one’s client and talent management in general.

In recalling a number of personal incidents, the presenter recalled how he has seen good management improve the career of some artistes and bad management done the opposite. He stressed the need for god management and not just picking a relative to “stand in” as a manager when an artiste is upcoming.
The excos and members of AMAMN thereafter promised to keep the management of Rainbow Fm 94.1 informed about the many seminars, restructuring and training planned for next year and the management pledged their support in helping the growth of artiste management as a lucrative and enviable profession in Nigeria.


In continuation of their media tour to sensitize the public, invite upcoming managers to its fold and encourage and unite existing managers, October 30, 2017, saw the Executives and members of the Association of Music Managers Artistes of Nigeria paying a courtesy visit to Kennis 104.5 radio station.

  The AMAMN delegation was received by the Chairman of Kennis 104.5, Dr Kenny Ogungbe who expressed delighted at the existence and objectives of the association. While interviewing the members on air, he navigated the discussion to several issues on the Nigerian music industry structure, the relationship between the artiste and his manager and the broader aims and objectives of the association. Dr Kenny Ogungbe was particularly interested in how the association would go about uniting artiste managers and assured that once done, the artiste management profession would become very honourable. Mr Chris Nwandu AKA CKN, called in and also supported the idea of unity for synergizing efforts and making a better impact in the industry.

Joining Dr. Kenny “keke” Ogungbe to interview the association members on air were Funmi Jean, Sheri Coco and DJ X Smart.
The management of Kennis 104.5 and the Executives of AMAMN thereafter agreed to work together in making sure the artiste management profession in Nigeria becomes better placed and respected.